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  1. The 5 best flowers for October

    October the month of autumn is a beautiful time of year; it brings cold weather, changing leaves and some flowers begin to bloom. October, such a perfect month of the year, expect only the bright and vibrant flowers to grace us! Find the perfect flower to gift to your dear one or to make your room aromatic and vibrant. Not only gifting flowers to your dear ones, but you can also make your home aromatic and fresh by keeping flowers in your room.


    Alstroemeria, one of the long-lasting flowers, comes in stunning shades of rose, purple, pink, and many more. With a wide range of colours and symbols attached to them, alstroemerias become a perfect choice for many occasions. Let them be good luck flowers for your dear ones, you can choose a wide range of collections from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Dubai.
    • Pleasant Off White
    • Alstromeria Bouquet
    • Mix Alstroemerias


    Classic and elegant roses are an all-time favourite flower of everyone; this classic, aromatic blooms never go out of trend. Rose bouquets are the best gift when expressing your love, so remember to always choose fresh and high-quality roses for your unique moments. Make your unique moments even special with the best florist in the industry. Black Tulip Flowers Dubai.
    • Simply White
    • Pink Champagne
    • Luxury Bunch of Deep Purple
    • Yellow Bliss


    Pleasingly versatile and heavy blooming, chrysanthemums are perchance the perfect October flower. Because of their admiration, you can find these flowers in a wide range of sizes and colours such as orange, red, shades of pink and white. Each season brings a new opportunity to send chrysanthemum bouquets to your dear ones, send flowers from the best online florist in Dubai, Black Tulip Flowers.
    • Flower Vibes
    • Basket of Mix Flowers
    • Be Mine Bouquet
    • Mix Happiness Bouquet


    Sunflower radiates beauty and signifies strength and unity. They are the cheeriest sunny flowers and bring happiness instantly. Sunflower bouquets are always the best gift for your dear ones in any season or occasion, choose fresh and stunning sunflower bouquets from the best florist in Dubai, Black Tulip Flowers.
    • Sunflowers in a Vase
    • Bunch of Sunflowers
    • Be My Sunshine
    • Sunflower Bouquet


    Orchids attract you with their beauty and they are considered to be an expensive and luxury flower and certainly a good gift to your dear ones. Orchids are an ideal choice for gifts or home décor or any occasional event; their positive colours and unusual spots on the petals enhance their beauty. Celebrate everyday moments with us, choose from a variety of flower arrangements or bouquet collections from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Dubai.
    • Nostalgic bouquet
    • White Appeal
    • Love Language
    • Artistic Centrepiece

    Flower gifts make any celebration a lot more memorable as it is, and it also tells your dear ones you care for that they mean a lot to them. Send flowers to your dear ones, online flower delivery anywhere in Dubai, Black Tulip Flowers.

    Flowers are the perfect choices for gifts as well as indoor decors, so order them from our online portal Black Tulip Flowers Dubai, for fresh and high-quality flowers.

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  2. Tips for Sending Birthday Flowers to Your Girlfriend

    Black Tulip Flowers Choosing a perfect gift for any occasion is not very easy and especially birthday gifts, which are personal are more difficult. It should depend on gender, age, interest, etc.

    Birthday gifts are cherished by everyone for a long time or even till the next birthday. Take care while choosing your gift.

    Flowers always make the best choice for a birthday gift, especially for a girlfriend as every girl loves to receive flowers. With Black Tulip Flowers on a click away, you can order birthday flowers online with ease.

    A birthday message with the lovely and beautiful flowers carefully chosen by you from Black Tulip Flowers surprises your girlfriend and shows her your love, care, and affection.

    Birthday Flowers

    Black Tulip Flowers has different varieties of flower bouquets and arrangements suitable for any relationship and the options are endless.

    Flowers express many emotions like love, romance, friendship, happiness, sympathy, and more.

    Here are some birthday flowers for flower delivery UAE, that can make your girlfriend smile instantly and feel your love:

    • Roses
    • Gerberas
    • Orchids
    • Tulips
    • Lilies


    If you want to express your love and romance towards your girlfriend, red roses best known as lover’s rose is the best choice. Flower delivery Dubai is now made easy with Black Tulip Flowers.

    You can choose from some of our red rose bouquets like:

    • Red Butterfly
    • 30 stem Red Spray Roses
    • Red Rose in Marble Wrap
    • 2 dozen red roses in a vase


    These stylish, beautiful, and luxurious flowers always make a pleasant gift for your girlfriend and are loved by all. Black Tulip Flowers, the best flower shop in Dubai can be your best choice for a perfect birthday flower for your girlfriend.

    You can try from


    This special luxurious flower makes your gift a special one for her birthday. 

    Eye Staring Wooden Flower Arrangement

    • Convey your emotions and wishes florally with this beautiful wooden flower arrangement which can carry the in heart emotional value easily.
    • This is a combination of mixed flowers like - orchids, roses, hydrangeas, spray roses, lilies, waxflower & tulips.

    Birth Month Flowers

    You will be surprised to know that there is a birth flower for each month which has significance. We help our clients to choose birthday flowers for girlfriends according to their requirements.

    Here is a list of the month and birth flower related to it may help to choose the best birthday flower by yourself,

    January Carnations
    February Iris
    March Daffodil
    April Daisy or Sweet Pea
    May Lily
    June Rose
    July Water lily
    August Gladiola
    September Aster
    October Marigold
    November Chrysanthemum
    December Narcissus

    Never miss a chance to surprise your girlfriend with a significant bouquet/flower as per their birth month.

    All the birth month flowers come in different colors and you can choose the best color for the same day birthday flower delivery.

    With Black Tulip Flowers, you can send beautiful flowers for your loved ones' birthday anywhere in UAE.

    Accompany your flower delivery with birthday gifts and sweets which can be customized according to your need.

    What are you waiting for, browse our product range online and avail of our offers and daily deals?

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  3. How to choose the best flowers for your First Anniversary?

    Best Flowers for Wedding Anniversaries

    Many of us don't know that each anniversary is represented by flowers. You can surprise your spouse with the corresponding flower according to the anniversary year as an anniversary gift this year. Nourish your blooming relationship with beautiful flowers. Is it not amazing?

    The first-anniversary flower is Carnation. Even though any flower makes the best gift for the first anniversary, Carnations - symbolizing vibrant, young, and passionate love makes a perfect gift.

    Black Tulip Flowers, one of the best florist shops in UAE ensures flowers delivered fresh.

    Anniversary gifts

    As we all know the 25th year anniversary is celebrated as silver, the 50th year is celebrated as gold and the gift that represents the 1st anniversary is paper.

    The first year of marriage is an unforgettable exciting time in a couple's life which helps bloom for the rest of their life. Surprise your spouse on your first anniversary with fresh flowers of Carnation along with loving anniversary wishes handwritten in a paper.

    With a perfect first anniversary gift of pure happiness and love by making your life partner feel super special on your special day.

    Carnation gifts

    Black Tulip Flowers helps couples to choose their best 1st-anniversary gift and make the celebration a best-ever one. Choosing the correct color also makes sense to the gift.

    Dark red carnations represent deep love and affection, while light red says admiration. Bloom your relationship with a perfect flower.

    Here are some of the best 1st-anniversary flowers for flower delivery in Dubai:

    Astonishing Pink Bouquet

    Any sentiment, be it love or romance or happiness can be expressed with blossoms.

    • 12-15 Stems Pink Carnations, 6 Stems Pink Hydrangeas, and 5 Stems Pink Lisianthus.

    Wrapped with Love

    Nothing can convey your love and emotions more than a flower!

    • 5 stems Carnations, 4 stems Hydrangeas, 5 stems Lisianthus, 5 stems Spray Roses, 10 stems Roses, 5 stems Waxflower.

    A basket full of Blooms

    This fabulous, and exotic flower arrangement in the basket brings elegance and charm to any occasion.

    • 40 stems carnations, lisianthus & spray roses.

    Mix Happiness Bouquet

    Here is our mixed happiness hand bouquet crafted only with the joy, love, happiness, and gratitude to express the positive vibes with your family, friends, and loved ones.

    • 2 Stems Pink Carnations, 4 Stems White Rose, 8 Stems Peach Rose, 8 Stems Pink Roses, and 4 Stems White Chrysanthemum.

    With Black Tulip Flowers, the Best Flower Shop in Dubai, send flowers for any occasion which can express any emotion and bloom any relationship.

    Try our Anniversary flowers online and gifts and send flowers to Dubai to your partner and make the anniversary gift a memorable one.

    Visit us online to view our full product range on Anniversary flowers and gifts. Use our daily deals and coupons to avail discounts.

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  4. Top 10 Best Easter Flower Arrangement Ideas

    Easter, a holy season that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and has a great significance in the Christian Calendar.

    Easter is celebrated in most countries as a holiday season after Christmas & New Year. People usually exchange Easter gifts like flowers, cakes, and Easter eggs.

    Select this season's Easter flowers online UAE with Black Tulip Flowers, the best florist.

    Easter Celebration

    Easter celebrates the defeat of death and the hope of salvation. It marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion.

    For many Christian churches, Easter is the joyful end to the Lenten season of fasting and penitence. The earliest recorded observance of Easter comes from the 2nd century.

    Visit Black Tulip Flowers Dubai to see the Easter Florist Collection and make the occasion more enjoyable.

    Easter Flowers

    Any flower is the best choice for a gift on any festive season. But the spring flowers like Lilies, Tulips, Daffodils, Gerbera Daisies, and more are the relevant Easter flowers.

    • Daffodils - marking the rebirth and new beginnings is a most relevant gift for this Easter.
    • Gerbera Daisies with their bold and bright colors makes a good choice for the Easter flower arrangements
    • Lilies - The popular and traditional spring flowers come in different varieties and in different blooms which makes a perfect Easter flower.
    • Tulips - A favorite spring flower with its beauty takes an important place in the Easter flower arrangement.

    Easter Gifts

    Send Easter Flowers online Dubai with our Black Tulip Flowers. Try some of the best-selling flower arrangements and bouquets for this season:

    Easter Floral Egg

    • Make this Easter special for your loved one with this grand and aesthetic Easter Floral Egg Arrangement.
    • This flower arrangement consists of a colored mix of gypsophila, steel grass, and Easter eggs in a black box.

    Easter Blooms

    These beautiful and colorful gift speaks more than words

    • This pretty vase with vibrant colors is a perfect gift for your Easter bunny.
    • Make this Easter a little happier by sending this stunning arrangement.

    Deluxe Easter Morning

    • Make the receiver of your Easter gift overwhelming with the beauty of this stunning arrangement.

    Easter Flower Vase

    To add more joy to the receiver this Easter, try this

    • Very beautiful Easter Flower Vase on this beautiful occasion.

    Other best Easter flower arrangements this season are:

    • Basket of Mix Flowers
    • Easter Lily arrangement
    • Eye Starring Wooden Flower Arrangement
    • Colorful Easter Basket
    • Bunch of 30 Red Roses

    In Black Tulip Flowers, other than Easter Flower Delivery try these Easter gifts:

    • Easter Nest
    • Small Magic Bunny by NJD
    • Giant Easter Egg
    • Chocolate Easter Egg
    • Gourmet Easter Egg with Truffles
    • Gourmet Easter Egg with Berries

    Send Easter Flowers to Dubai with the comfort of sitting at home with a click from Black Tulip Flowers and make this Easter a memorable one for your loved ones.

    Easter is a way to renew daily hope that we have victory over sin. Easter is a very significant date within Christianity and is the foundation of the Christian faith. Make your loved ones in Dubai with Easter Flower Delivery UAE and make this Easter an unforgettable occasion.

    Visit us online to view our full product range on Easter flowers and gifts. Use code EASTER10 to avail of 10% discounts on your purchase.

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  5. How to choose the best Valentine's Day Flowers for Her?

    Choosing a Valentine’s Day flower for your special one which not an easy job, is now much easier and hassle free with Black Tulip Flowers, the best online florist in UAE.

    Valentine’s Day, considered as a special day for love and romance is celebrated internationally on 14th February every year.

    Celebration of course is not without gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts are none other than flowers. The whole world is influenced by flowers and no one is an exception!

    Many choose this special day to propose love and also when required to take their relationship to the next level.

    At Black Tulip Flowers Dubai, the delivery of Valentine’s Day flower delivery is made easier and simple.

    One of the best online flower shop Dubai, Black Tulip Flowers has a wide range and varieties of red roses and rose bouquets to choose and buy this Valentine’s Day.

    Valentine’s Day Gift

    As the valentine fever is gaining its momentum people start to plan for their valentine gift. Valentines’ Roses delivery is a best choice for a Valentine’s Day gift.

    Every flower has a unique meaning. The vibrant colour of each flower and even number of each flower has different meanings and you can choose the best one that suits your special one as a gift.

    Valentine’s Day Flower

    None other than roses make the best fit for a perfect Valentine gift for a long time as roses express love better than any other flower.

    Valentine’s Day flower delivery is now made easy with Black Tulip Flowers all around UAE.

    Here are few suggestions to help you choose the best Valentine’s Day flowers for Her:

    • Plan your Valentine flower well in advance to avoid last minute disappointment and to avail fresh flower bouquet as the best flower.
    • As everyone knows roses make the first preference. Choose the perfect colour rose with perfect number that signifies your special one.
      • Red, meaning `I Love You’ a bouquet of red rose pass this emotion and feeling to your special her.
      • Pink means I admire you and a pink rose or a pink rose bouquet for your special her will convey your admiration towards her.
    • Here are other flowers you can choose for her apart from roses

      • Tulips, yet another flower that represents love and romance
      • Carnations signifies purity which can say your love is pure to your special her.
      • Orchid – this exotic beautiful flower associated with sophistication and luxury is yet another best choice for a Valentine’s Day flower bouquet.
        Gift a red rose or rose bouquet

    For many people, Valentine’s Day is a date out with their partner to show their love and propose.

    If you are planning for any lunch or a dinner out, please book a table well in advance and arrange the ambience with a theme of red roses which may inspire your partner.

    You can plan a simple Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner at home with a simple decoration of red roses instead of spending a lot at hotels. This will make you both remember the day for a long time.

    Black Tulip Flowers has the best choice to select the best Valentine flowers for her this valentine’s day.

    You can choose from some of our Valentine’s Day specials like,

    • Fascinating Love of Red Roses
    • Beautiful Heart Arrangement
    • Box of Lovely Minnie
    • Love you more than chocolate

    Express your love to your special one and show how important they mean to you in your life by sending Valentine’s Day roses which is simple and easy.

    Visit us online to see our full product range and make use of our daily deals and code.

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  6. Top Trending Gifts For Valentine’s Day 2021

    As the world is slowly recovering from the global pandemic festivals and special occasions help the world for a happy relaxation. Every special occasion has a significance and importance and February 14th is a special day for love and romance.

    People express their love towards their valentine be it a friend, spouse or a lover. This is a perfect time to send Valentine’s Day gifts online Dubai. This special day also considered as a best choice for baby love, a day to propose the first love, which gives an extra percentage of success!


    Any occasion is made special by exchanging gifts to make the person feel your love and emotion towards them. Black Tulip Flowers is here to help you to make it easier for you to select the best gifts for Valentine’s Day.

    The below tips helps you to choose the most trending gift this Valentine’s Day.

    • Flower Bouquets
    • Sweets (Cakes & Chocolates)
    • Gift Hamper
    • Greeting Card
    • Valentine Dinner

    Flower Gifts

    Any flower is a best choice for a Valentine’s Day gift but Roses are the most sorted after flower in this occasion.

    Roses with its different colours make a perfect Valentine’s Day flower and every colour and the number of flowers has meanings and expresses love in different ways. If you are giving your valentine a red rose it shows your love is deep. White rose symbolizes pure love, orange rose symbolizes your fascination towards your partner, yellow rose is for friendship and more.

    Other than roses, tulips, orchids, chrysanthemum, peony, etc. make a best choice for a beautiful yet simple gift for the Valentine’s Day. Flower Delivery Dubai is made easier with Black Tulip Flowers.


    Sweets make a person feel sweeter in any instance and so they make a perfect choice for a Valentine gift.

    Next to flowers cakes and chocolates are the best choice for a valentine’s day gift for him or for her.

    Black Tulip Flowers has variety of cakes and chocolates for you to choose and gift your valentine. The cakes can be customized as required and we have theme cakes, photo cakes and more.

    Gift Hamper

    • A gift hamper with a flower bouquet, Chocolate boxes and teddy makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

    • It is easy to send Valentine’s gift online in Dubai with Black Tulip Flowers to assist you for the best gift!

    Greeting Cards

    • In the fast moving electronic world with different modes of communication like email, twitter and whatsapp, greeting cards still make a better traditional choice for a Valentine’s Day gift.

    • It helps to express your feelings in your own words which is better than anything.

    There are plenty of do it yourself greeting cards, which may impress your better half in a positive way.

    Valentine Dinner

    • The best trending gift for Valentine’s Day would be the most romantic Valentine Dinner. This will please your partner or spouse more than anything and the love between the couple become stronger.

    Order safely the Valentine’s Day gifts online within your comfort zone and enjoy the occasion with your special one to the core.

    Visit us online to see our full product range to choose for perfect trending gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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  7. Make your Celebration Special with New Year Flowers & Gifts

    New Year 2021

    New Year is all about welcoming a new beginning and celebrating with joy. Welcome it with by decorating your home with New Year Flowers. Also share your happiness and welcome the New Year with your loved ones by sending flowers and other sweet gifts. Make the New Year a real and sweet new beginning for your friends and family.

    Black Tulip Flowers, the best online shop in UAE has variety of New Year flowers, bouquets, decorations and gifts this season and make it easy for its customers to send New Year flowers online in Dubai.

    Gifts for the New Year

    To make any occasion more special gifts are exchanged. The best gift for welcoming this 2021 would be Flowers along with other items like cakes, New Year flower arrangements, Greeting cards etc.

    UAE’s best florist, Black Tulip Flowers has a variety of choices of gifts and flower bouquets to welcome the new beginning.

    There are many flowers to greet the New Year and mark the new beginning, the most used flowers are Orchids, carnations, lilies, hydrangeas and roses & tulips.

    Flower Gifts

    Even though there are many gifts to send for your loved ones flowers are the most adorable gifts make the receiver bloom with smile as soon as received.

    Black Tulip has best New Year flower decorations to celebrate and welcome the new beginning.

    With the best online florist in UAE, Black Tulip Flowers it is possible for same day delivery in UAE and also midnight delivery.

    Choices of flower gifts

    Here are some best flower gifts with the New Year flowers which makes the receivers day more special:

    • Bouquet of Beautiful Blooms
    • Mix Flower Bouquet
      • 20 Stems Mix Flowers, Greenery, Message Card
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.
    • Good Times Bouquet
      • This beautiful 'Good Times' hand bouquet is specially curated to spread only the positive vibes and energies and consists of 20 Stems Peach Spray Roses.
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.
    • Cheerful Bouquet
      • To make your loved one cheerfully welcome the new beginning send this Cheerful Bouquet of 15 stems orange rose, 5 stems statice purple, 3 petals white phalaenopsis orchids, message card
    • Bunch of mix flowers with pink hydrangeas
      • This hand made bouquet comes with 3 stem pink hydrangeas, 5 stem pink roses, 5 stem white roses, 5 stem lisianthus, 5 stem spray roses, statice for fillers
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.
    • Fifty White Tulip
      • This Calming bouquet of 50 stem white tulip, 10 stem blue iris and message card will charm you with its fresh and natural beauty
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.

    All the bouquets and flower arrangements can be customized with gift of your choice like balloons, cakes, chocolates etc.

    Get into the festive mood with the flower of your choice and celebrate the new beginning.

    Black Tulip Flowers wishes its valuable clients A very happy and prosperous New Year!

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  8. Top 5 Beautiful Christmas Flower Arrangement Ideas

    Festivals brings the spirit of joy in every human being and especially 2020 festivals are the most awaited in this global pandemic COVID – 19. Even though Christmas 2020 will be celebrated differently amidst the current difficult situation, everybody is eagerly awaiting the occasion. Christmas is celebrated as a festival not only by Christians but by most others around the world.

    Even though there are many ways to welcome the festive season, flowers with Black Tulip Flowers will be the best way as the mere sight of flowers make everyone happy and bring the joy in their face. So, what else than Christmas flowers would be a great gift idea for your near and dear ones this year?

    Christmas Flowers

    Flowers are most liked and a wished gift by everyone around the world. With Black Tulip Flowers in Dubai, it is easy to send Christmas flowers online in Dubai. BTF has different flower arrangements this festive season in the middle of the pandemic and strive to keep the festive mood alive.

    As flowers are always soothing with their beauty and fragrance, Christmas flower arrangements would be the best for Christmas 2020 and here are some ideas to make it a merry Christmas.

    Flower arrangement ideas

    Flowers make the most sorted after gift this festive season and there are many flowers and flower arrangements to make others happy.

    Many flowers are used for flower arrangements and decorations during this season, but Black Tulip Flowers has unique and best ideas for Christmas flower arrangements and is easy to send Christmas day flowers in UAE.

    Gift ideas for Christmas

    Here are some of the top 5 ideas for flower arrangements and flowers from Black Tulip Flowers for you in this festive season:

    Christmas Wish Bouquet

    If you want your loved one feel your presence with your gift, try our Christmas Wish Bouquet – a white and red combination of flowers.

    • 10 stem white carnation, 10 stem red carnation, 10 stem red hypericum, square vase and message card.
    • It also comes in deluxe & premium sizes also.

    Fresh Christmas tree with Decoration - Mix

    This fresh Christmas tree with mixed flowers and colours decoration is a perfect gift for Christmas.

    • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes
    • A standard size consists of 5 to 6 feet fresh Christmas tree with decoration andfree delivery, free stand & free installation

    Christmas Present in Pink Box

    • This unique Christmas present in Pink make the receiver feel in heaven and cherish your love
    • A standard size will have a small box of pink roses with decoration related to Christmas.

    Perfect Christmas Centerpiece

    This perfect Christmas centerpiece gives the instant warmth of the festive season with the colours like red, green and white.

    • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes
    • A standard size comes with10 stems red roses, 5 stems white lilies, 5 stems green chrysanthemums, 2 red candles.

    Merry Christmas Gift Box

    • A standard size gift is a small consisting of different flowers.

    Other than the above, Black Tulip Flowers do have more gifts to be sent as Christmas decorations online in UAE this festive season.

    • A Christmas Special Gift
    • Luxury Christmas Special
    • Christmas Present Snowman

    Every Christmas flower and flower arrangements from Black Tulip Flowers for your loved ones can be customized by adding a gift of your choice like balloons, cakes, chocolates etc.

    Visit us online to know our full product range.

    Spread the festive mood to your friends and loved ones with our beautiful and adorable gifts!

    Black Tulip Flowers wishes its valuable clients and customers a Merry Christmas.

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  9. Pleased to Announce our Black Tulip Flowers is Listed on

    Black Tulip Flowers, established in the year 1990 and reached this height with our love and passion towards fresh flowers. With the best support of our team and loyalty towards our clients has made us become the best and large florist in the Middle East.

    Black Tulip Flowers pleased to announce that we have listed on Click the badge below to take a look on their website and see what they write about us.

    UAE's Largest Online Wholesale Flower & Florist Supplies Shop

    Buy flowers wholesale, retail and florist supplies at trade prices in Dubai, UAE. We specialise in supplying flowers, bouquets, indoor plants, plant accessories, foliage varieties, roses, wedding and event flowers.

    Leading importer & exporter of fresh wholesale cut flowers and florist supplies to trade and public. We offer flower delivery service in Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE wide.

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  10. Best Flowers to Give For International Women's Day 2020

    International Women’s Day

    Every one’s life in the earth revolves around a woman who may be a mother, wife, sister or daughter.

    March 8th is a celebrated as International women’s day globally. International Women’s Day is declared holiday in many countries around the world.

    It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements and the milestones.

    Make your special women more special by sending Flowers on International Women’s Day.

    Women’s Day colours

    Purple, Gold and Green are the internationally recognized colour for the women’s day. Purple signifies royalty, luxury, power, dignity & peace, Gold for a new dawn and Green – hope and new life.

    It is easy to send International Women’s Day flowers to Dubai online with BlackTulip Flowers from the various purple, pink and white roses and other flowers.

    Women’s day Theme

    To celebrate the achievements of women in various fields like politics, financial sector and social work.

    Every year the women’s day is celebrated with a theme and the 2020 theme for Women’s Day is - I am Generation Equality - Realizing Women’s Rights.

    The focal point for the celebration of International women’s day is equality for women in every aspect, and for the achievement of gender equality.

    Show your respect and gratitude to the special women in your life by sending Flowers on International Women’s Day.

    Importance of Women’s Day

    The life of every man revolves around a woman who can be a mother, wife, daughter or sister. Without woman there is no life on earth.

    Celebrate the womanhood around you on this special day by making them feel special with flowers.

    • Make the special woman feel more special with the Purple Lisianthus bouquet.
    • Bring the stun in your special woman’s face with Hand Bouquet of Stunning Pink Roses.

    Visit us online to see our full product range and avail 10% discounts for your online International Women’s Day Flower delivery UAE.

    Women’s Day Celebration

    Even though there are many ways to celebrate the International Women’s day like events, dinner party etc., the best ever gift would be flowers that can be cherished for a long time.

    • Give her the Golden Sprayed Roses to let her know how much they mean to your life.

    Celebrate the women in your life by guiding them to go in their path, be a part of their success and cherish their achievements. Treat the girl child same way as the male child and see any discrepancies with them.

    • The perfect gift would be a Wineberry Sunset (a Purple arrangement of Lilies & Lisianthus).

    There are lot more choices of flowers for your special woman on International woman’s day with the best online florist in UAE.

    Let us all support the woman around us by encouraging them to achieve their goal in their desired field and be a part of their success.

    In this International Women’s Day let us support the gender equality and take it as a goal to achieve it at the earliest.

    BlackTulip Flowers wishes everyone a Happy International Women’s Day.

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