Eid Al-Adha Celebrations

Eid-Al-Adha, “The Feast of Sacrifice”, the bigger Eid, occurs at the time of Qurbani, following the completion of the annual Hajj journey (sacrifice). Eid-Al-Adha occurs on the tenth day of Dhu-al-Hijjah, the last (twelth) month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The lunar calendar used by Muslims is based on the moon. The moon's phases serve as the basis for the months. The Gregorian calendar is 11 days longer than this one. Eid Al-Adha celebrates the historical moment when Prophet Abraham was given the order to sacrifice his son Ismail by God in the form of a dream vision. However, God sent the Angel Gabriel along with a massive ram as the man was about to sacrifice his kid. A ram was to be sacrificed as a ransom for Abraham's son after Gabriel told him that his dream vision had come true. When Eid al-Adha starts, some Muslims go to Saudi Arabia to conduct the Hajj. In the city of Mina, they hurl stones at three huge stone pillars. Other Muslims observe the holiday by attending morning prayers at the mosque. Later, a large supper is shared by family and friends. On this day, family, friends, and loved ones gather to celebrate, generally wearing their best outfits and exchange Eid gifts.

Which is the best gift for Eid?

Eid is soon to arrive. Do you have the ideal Eid gifts for your loved one? Everyone has a fantastic opportunity to express their love for one another on special occasions like Eid by exchanging Eid gifts Dubai for your loved ones. We have a wide range of fabulous and amazing Eid flower arrangements that will please your loved ones. Browse our collections if you're searching for the ideal Eid gift hampers Dubai or want to surprise your loved ones with lovely Eid flowers.

Latest Eid Al-Adha Gifts Ideas 2022

Eid is a spiritual holiday that represents unity, love, generosity, and peace. Browse our personalised Eid al Adha flowers choices to stay in touch with your loved ones during Eid.

Flowers: Flowers have the ability to convey your feelings of compassion. Flowers may evoke strong feelings in the recipient because of their exquisite form, vibrant colour, and even pleasant aroma. There are a huge variety of flowers, so selecting the best one typically depends on personal choice. Giving flowers to a loved one is a meaningful gesture that will deepen your relationship with them. Do you want to send your loved one flowers? Sending flowers is a good idea at Eid celebrations, and Black Tulip Flowers Dubai offers a wide selection of flowers includes roses, tulips, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, gerberas, orchids and much more!
Latest Eid Al-Adha Gift Ideas   Secret Blooms

  •     Fabulous Arrangement
  •     Majestic Blossom
  •     Be Always Blooming

Chocolates: Everyone loves chocolate, whether they are children or adults and a rich history adds to the allure and flavour of chocolate. Bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones by sending them a box of premium chocolates. Our online shopping portal lets you browse the greatest Eid hampers Dubai and have it delivered directly to your loved ones' door.

  •     Patchi Chocolate
  •     Bouquet with Patchi
  •     Ferrero Rocher
  •     Assorted Box

Cake: Nobody can deny that everyone's favourite dessert to serve at special occasions is cake. Eid celebrations are certainly a special occasion, and sharing a wonderful cake with loved ones just enhances the joy. Giving a cake as a gift expresses your love to the gift receiver and your gratitude for them.

  •     The Gift Cake
  •     Honey Cake
  •     Choco Fudge Photo Cake
  •     Cartier Brand Cake

Indoor Plants: The indoor plants are a wonderful gift choice for your loved ones that will uplift and soothe them. Order the indoor plants online to cheer up your loved one or you can surprise them with a thoughtful gift. Indoor plants are a kind gift that will fill the minds of those you love with many pleasant ideas.

  •     Phalaenopsis White Plant
  •     Money Plant
  •     Aloe Vera
  •     Jade Plant

Table Centrepiece: Flowers are the perfect gift for Eid Celebrations. Giving flowers or flower arrangements is very meaningful and thoughtful gift since they are colourful, fragrant, and serve as a reminder of the affection you have with the recipient. To send your love and warm wishes to someone special, choose white, pink and yellow flowers. It enhances the optimistic and charm of the lovely arrangement, which energises the Eid Al-Adha celebrations.

  •     Warm Ambience
  •     Elegance of White
  •     Luxurious Eid Fruit Gift
  •     Eid Special Gift Box

Conclusion: Eid, the holiday of happiness, unity and peace, is celebrated worldwide. What better way to spread Eid happiness than with Eid flowers? Are you looking for the Eid flower delivery Dubai? Make this Eid special for your loved ones by sending them flowers and gifts from Black Tulip Flowers.