Mystery Perfume by Emirates Pride

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This fragrance revolves around the unique innovation within the world of fragrance.

The company has done many types of research to make a brand new ingredient for the prime stage in the world of perfumes. Pride wood is an exclusive ingredient produced Only by Emirates Pride. It gives a mysterious and luxurious whiff to the fragrance. The smell of black pepper as a top note adds heat to the fragrance, Spanish saffron provides a bittersweet, leathery giving it an intimate quality: a touch bit earthy, yet soft. The smell of cypress provides a pine-like spicy scent.

The heart in Pride wood represents purity, virtue, and innocence. The aromatic base consisting of Vetiveria adds elegance and quality to the perfumes for delivering a warm, salty, earthy note, and also the slight scent of the finest styles of musk.

The Nose behind the fragrance is Jórdi Fernandez.

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