Romantic Surprise

AED 1,999.00

Create an unforgettable romantic surprise with our all-inclusive package, featuring room decoration with red roses, rose petals, and balloons – setting the stage for a truly magical and love-filled experience.


Planning to surprise your special someone? Leave the decorations to us!

We will decorate the room with red roses, red rose petals & red balloons!

Let this Romantic Surprise, be the best ever surprise.

This product contains,

• Name Written with Rose Petals in bed

• I LOVE U Written with Rose Petals

• Heart Shape Rose Petals in Bed

• Heart Shape Rose Petals in Floor

• Red Rose Petals in Bathtub

• 20 pcs Helium Red Balloons

• 2 coffee table centerpiece

• Red roses Petals in the floor

Additional information

Weight 100 kg