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  1. Top Trending Gifts For Valentine’s Day 2021

    As the world is slowly recovering from the global pandemic festivals and special occasions help the world for a happy relaxation. Every special occasion has a significance and importance and February 14th is a special day for love and romance.

    People express their love towards their valentine be it a friend, spouse or a lover. This is a perfect time to send Valentine’s Day gifts online Dubai. This special day also considered as a best choice for baby love, a day to propose the first love, which gives an extra percentage of success!


    Any occasion is made special by exchanging gifts to make the person feel your love and emotion towards them. Black Tulip Flowers is here to help you to make it easier for you to select the best gifts for Valentine’s Day.

    The below tips helps you to choose the most trending gift this Valentine’s Day.

    • Flower Bouquets
    • Sweets (Cakes & Chocolates)
    • Gift Hamper
    • Greeting Card
    • Valentine Dinner

    Flower Gifts

    Any flower is a best choice for a Valentine’s Day gift but Roses are the most sorted after flower in this occasion.

    Roses with its different colours make a perfect Valentine’s Day flower and every colour and the number of flowers has meanings and expresses love in different ways. If you are giving your valentine a red rose it shows your love is deep. White rose symbolizes pure love, orange rose symbolizes your fascination towards your partner, yellow rose is for friendship and more.

    Other than roses, tulips, orchids, chrysanthemum, peony, etc. make a best choice for a beautiful yet simple gift for the Valentine’s Day. Flower Delivery Dubai is made easier with Black Tulip Flowers.


    Sweets make a person feel sweeter in any instance and so they make a perfect choice for a Valentine gift.

    Next to flowers cakes and chocolates are the best choice for a valentine’s day gift for him or for her.

    Black Tulip Flowers has variety of cakes and chocolates for you to choose and gift your valentine. The cakes can be customized as required and we have theme cakes, photo cakes and more.

    Gift Hamper

    • A gift hamper with a flower bouquet, Chocolate boxes and teddy makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

    • It is easy to send Valentine’s gift online in Dubai with Black Tulip Flowers to assist you for the best gift!

    Greeting Cards

    • In the fast moving electronic world with different modes of communication like email, twitter and whatsapp, greeting cards still make a better traditional choice for a Valentine’s Day gift.

    • It helps to express your feelings in your own words which is better than anything.

    There are plenty of do it yourself greeting cards, which may impress your better half in a positive way.

    Valentine Dinner

    • The best trending gift for Valentine’s Day would be the most romantic Valentine Dinner. This will please your partner or spouse more than anything and the love between the couple become stronger.

    Order safely the Valentine’s Day gifts online within your comfort zone and enjoy the occasion with your special one to the core.

    Visit us online to see our full product range to choose for perfect trending gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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  2. Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas in 2021

    Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to send a best Valentine’s Day gifts online. Whether you celebrate it with your spouse, romantic partner or friend, enjoy the day to the core with trending traditional gifts with Black Tulip Flowers Dubai. Here are some romantic and best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to make it a successful day.

    People in love all over the world wait for this day to propose their love and grow their love for each other and enrich it with sending gifts and flower delivery Dubai. Selecting the best gift for your partner or valentine is not an easy task, but Black Tulip Flowers the best online shop in Dubai makes your task easier than ever with online flower delivery along with other perfect gifts for this special day.


    Amidst the global pandemic situation special occasions are the best way to cheer up the mind of everyone and Valentine’s Day 2021 is one such occasion. There are many gifts for your valentine but flowers excel every other gift.

    Black Tulip Flowers, the best online florist in Dubai makes it easier for its customers to send the Valentine’s Day gifts online Dubai.

    Some of the best gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day in 2021 are:

    • Flowers
    • Chocolates
    • Cakes
    • Jewels
    • Romantic date


    No other gift best expresses your love and emotion other than flowers, especially roses. That is why flowers makes the best choice for a gift on a valentine’s day.

    Here are some of the flower bouquets and arrangements from Black Tulip Flowers for both him and her.

    Valentine’s Day gift for Her

    • Box of Lovely Minnie
    • Charming Love

    Valentine’s Day gift for Him

    • Delightful Cupid's Heart
    • Dazzling Mix of White and Yellow Flowers


    Chocolates comes next to flowers on a Valentine’s Day. Try sending the favorite chocolate to your valentine from our whole range of chocolates, sweets and donuts make it a sweetest day to remember forever. Enjoy browsing our whole range of chocolates & sweets and make your special day unforgettable.


    Express your love and affection by sending online cakes with tons of love this Valentine’s Day. Black Tulip Flowers can customize the cakes and has variety of cakes like

    • Theme cakes
    • Photo Cakes
    • Love and Romance Cake and more


    Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to propose your love to your valentine. Saying it with a jewel makes it a perfect moment and that makes your love bloom like flower.

    Romantic Date

    Couples around the world wait for a perfect time to express their love for each other. Valentine’s Day is perfect time to enrich the romance between each other and a romantic date or a romantic candle light dinner.

    You can add more value to your Valentine’s Day flowers by customizing it with sweets like chocolates and cakes of your choice.

    Visit our full range of products online at one click with the comfort of sitting at your table to choose the perfect gift for your valentine this Valentine’s Day and make it a memorable gift forever.

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  3. Make your Celebration Special with New Year Flowers & Gifts

    New Year 2021

    New Year is all about welcoming a new beginning and celebrating with joy. Welcome it with by decorating your home with New Year Flowers. Also share your happiness and welcome the New Year with your loved ones by sending flowers and other sweet gifts. Make the New Year a real and sweet new beginning for your friends and family.

    Black Tulip Flowers, the best online shop in UAE has variety of New Year flowers, bouquets, decorations and gifts this season and make it easy for its customers to send New Year flowers online in Dubai.

    Gifts for the New Year

    To make any occasion more special gifts are exchanged. The best gift for welcoming this 2021 would be Flowers along with other items like cakes, New Year flower arrangements, Greeting cards etc.

    UAE’s best florist, Black Tulip Flowers has a variety of choices of gifts and flower bouquets to welcome the new beginning.

    There are many flowers to greet the New Year and mark the new beginning, the most used flowers are Orchids, carnations, lilies, hydrangeas and roses & tulips.

    Flower Gifts

    Even though there are many gifts to send for your loved ones flowers are the most adorable gifts make the receiver bloom with smile as soon as received.

    Black Tulip has best New Year flower decorations to celebrate and welcome the new beginning.

    With the best online florist in UAE, Black Tulip Flowers it is possible for same day delivery in UAE and also midnight delivery.

    Choices of flower gifts

    Here are some best flower gifts with the New Year flowers which makes the receivers day more special:

    • Bouquet of Beautiful Blooms
      • This wonderful hand bouquet arrangement is a manifestation of a Buffet of Flowers
    • Mix Flower Bouquet
      • 20 Stems Mix Flowers, Greenery, Message Card
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.
    • Good Times Bouquet
      • This beautiful 'Good Times' hand bouquet is specially curated to spread only the positive vibes and energies and consists of 20 Stems Peach Spray Roses.
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.
    • Cheerful Bouquet
      • To make your loved one cheerfully welcome the new beginning send this Cheerful Bouquet of 15 stems orange rose, 5 stems statice purple, 3 petals white phalaenopsis orchids, message card
    • Bunch of mix flowers with pink hydrangeas
      • This hand made bouquet comes with 3 stem pink hydrangeas, 5 stem pink roses, 5 stem white roses, 5 stem lisianthus, 5 stem spray roses, statice for fillers
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.
    • Fifty White Tulip
      • This Calming bouquet of 50 stem white tulip, 10 stem blue iris and message card will charm you with its fresh and natural beauty
      • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes.

    All the bouquets and flower arrangements can be customized with gift of your choice like balloons, cakes, chocolates etc.

    Get into the festive mood with the flower of your choice and celebrate the new beginning.

    Black Tulip Flowers wishes its valuable clients A very happy and prosperous New Year!

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  4. Which are the Best Flowers for New Year 2021?

    Welcoming the new beginning

    The year 2020 is coming to an end with the global pandemic throughout the year, everyone is looking for a real new beginning to cherish with fortune, love and affection. Send New Year flowers online in Dubai to welcome the year 2021 which is a safest way in the current scenario.

    As there are many ways to welcome the new beginning, flowers take the top position as they make everyone happy with their bloom, beauty and fragrance. Make your family, friends and loved ones celebrate and welcome this New Year optimistically with flowers from Black Tulip Flowers.

    Flowers for this 2021

    Welcome a new beginning with flowers, much suitable to gift for any occasion. Here are few collection of best flowers for this New year. Carnations, Roses, Hydrangeas and lilies are the most favorite New Year flower arrangements among many other flowers.


    Known as the birth month flower of January, Carnations are the 1st choice to welcome the New Year and gift for the New Year. Orange. purple, red and white are the different colours of the flower Carnations, known for their versatility and are the best choice for New Year flowers.

    • Carnation Bouquet

    o This bouquet of orange and purple carnations normally symbolizes royalty, success and joy will be a best and perfect choice of flowers for New Year.


    Rose, even though known as the birth month flower of June, is a best suited flower for any occasion. Roses come in different colours and each colour represent a significant meaning. White – success, faith & purity, red – love, yellow – friendship, etc. Some of the best choices of rose bouquets to gift this New Year are:

    • Successful Beginning Bouquet

    o Gift this White Rose Bouquet to your friends, family, special ones, colleague for a successful beginning when they move forward with a new step in their life.

    o This bouquet consists of 45-50 White Roses and comes in three sizes – standard, deluxe and premium.


    Different varieties of Lilies have different meaning but in common, lilies represent purity and fertility. This makes it a best choice for a New Year gift.

    • Wineberry Sunset

    o This purple arrangement of Lilies and Lisianthus make the best choice for a gift bouquet to welcome the New Year


    The colours of hydrangeas symbolize love, harmony and peace and makes one of the best choice for a New Year gift flower.

    • Purple and Pink Hydrangeas

    o 7 stems of Hydrangeas is a perfect selection to gift for welcoming the new beginning.

    As we all gear up to welcome the New Year, it is time to show your love and affection to your near and dear one by sending flowers, same day flower delivery in UAE with Black Tulip Flowers.

    To make your New Year gift unique and more special you can add a gift of your choice like balloons, cakes, chocolates etc. with your gift.

    With one of the best online florist in UAE, Black Tulip Flowers, it is easy to send Flowers for New Year.

    Black Tulip Flowers wishes its valuable clients A very happy and prosperous New Year!.

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  5. Top 5 ideas to decorate Christmas tree at home

    2020 is a year of many ups and downs for the whole world and in this global pandemic, Christmas is the most awaited festival of the year and people are gearing up for it. Flowers are the best gifts in any festive season any time.

    Christmas decorations online is made easy in UAE this festive season with the collection of Christmas flowers, flower arrangements and Christmas trees in Black Tulip Flowers Dubai.

    The sight of flowers brings smile in everybody’s face and are the most sorted gift for any occasion and especially for Christmas. Sending Christmas Flowers online in Dubai is made easy with Black Tulip Flowers

    Best Christmas Decorations

    Flowers take main part in the Christmas decorationsand the different forms are Christmas Bouquets, Christmas flower arrangements etc. Even Christmas trees can have mild decoration with flowers apart from other decorations.

    Black Tulip Flowersarrange for same day delivery in UAE this Christmas for Christmas trees too along with flower deliveries.

    Christmas trees are the most important decoration part of Christmas in every house and Churches. Here are some top ideas to decorate Christmas trees at home

    Christmas tree decoration ideas

    1. Looking for some simple, yet attractive Christmas tree this year, decorate a pine cone tree with mild white ornaments and some fresh red roses which can last atleast for a week and make your tree in green, red and white which makes it a traditional Christmas tree.
    2.  Decorate your Christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments along with colour beaded garland with stars in red and white which gives a vibrant look to your living room. Adding fresh flowers to this can give the whole place a cool look.
    3. To give a traditional and an old fashioned look to your Christmas tree decorate it with candles. This gives a charm to the tree.
    4. To cheer up everyone in this COVID – 19 global pandemic, can decorate your Christmas tree with tiny sports related items and cartoon characters to attract children.
    5. White Christmas tree with gold metallic balls and butterflies of different colours gives a unique beauty to your tree.

    Gift ideas for Christmas

    Some of the best moving Christmas presents and trees with flowers from Black Tulip Flowers for this festive season:

    Noble fir fresh Christmas tree with decoration

    • These come in standard, deluxe and premium sizes
    • A standard size consists of 5 to 6 feet fresh Christmas tree with decoration andfree delivery, free stand & free installation

    Christmas Present – Tree Shaped

    • This beautiful tree shaped arrangement made with fresh red roses, greens, and festive ornaments is a fabulous gift that will surely bring smiles for all season.

    Fresh Christmas tree with Decoration – Mix

    • These come in standard, deluxe and premium sizes
    • A standard size consists of 5 to 6 feet fresh Christmas tree with decoration andfree delivery, free stand & free installation

    All the Christmas trees and flower arrangements for your loved ones can be made more special by adding a gift of your choice like balloons, cakes, chocolates etc.

    Black Tulip Flowers makes possible for its customers to send Christmas day flower delivery in UAE.

    Spread the festive mood to your friends and loved ones with our beautiful and adorable gifts!

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  6. Top 5 Beautiful Christmas Flower Arrangement Ideas

    Festivals brings the spirit of joy in every human being and especially 2020 festivals are the most awaited in this global pandemic COVID – 19. Even though Christmas 2020 will be celebrated differently amidst the current difficult situation, everybody is eagerly awaiting the occasion. Christmas is celebrated as a festival not only by Christians but by most others around the world.

    Even though there are many ways to welcome the festive season, flowers with Black Tulip Flowers will be the best way as the mere sight of flowers make everyone happy and bring the joy in their face. So, what else than Christmas flowers would be a great gift idea for your near and dear ones this year?

    Christmas Flowers

    Flowers are most liked and a wished gift by everyone around the world. With Black Tulip Flowers in Dubai, it is easy to send Christmas flowers online in Dubai. BTF has different flower arrangements this festive season in the middle of the pandemic and strive to keep the festive mood alive.

    As flowers are always soothing with their beauty and fragrance, Christmas flower arrangements would be the best for Christmas 2020 and here are some ideas to make it a merry Christmas.

    Flower arrangement ideas

    Flowers make the most sorted after gift this festive season and there are many flowers and flower arrangements to make others happy.

    Many flowers are used for flower arrangements and decorations during this season, but Black Tulip Flowers has unique and best ideas for Christmas flower arrangements and is easy to send Christmas day flowers in UAE.

    Gift ideas for Christmas

    Here are some of the top 5 ideas for flower arrangements and flowers from Black Tulip Flowers for you in this festive season:

    Christmas Wish Bouquet

    If you want your loved one feel your presence with your gift, try our Christmas Wish Bouquet – a white and red combination of flowers.

    • 10 stem white carnation, 10 stem red carnation, 10 stem red hypericum, square vase and message card.
    • It also comes in deluxe & premium sizes also.

    Fresh Christmas tree with Decoration - Mix

    This fresh Christmas tree with mixed flowers and colours decoration is a perfect gift for Christmas.

    • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes
    • A standard size consists of 5 to 6 feet fresh Christmas tree with decoration andfree delivery, free stand & free installation

    Christmas Present in Pink Box

    • This unique Christmas present in Pink make the receiver feel in heaven and cherish your love
    • A standard size will have a small box of pink roses with decoration related to Christmas.

    Perfect Christmas Centerpiece

    This perfect Christmas centerpiece gives the instant warmth of the festive season with the colours like red, green and white.

    • This comes in standard, deluxe and premium sizes
    • A standard size comes with10 stems red roses, 5 stems white lilies, 5 stems green chrysanthemums, 2 red candles.

    Merry Christmas Gift Box

    • A standard size gift is a small consisting of different flowers.

    Other than the above, Black Tulip Flowers do have more gifts to be sent as Christmas decorations online in UAE this festive season.

    • A Christmas Special Gift
    • Luxury Christmas Special
    • Christmas Present Snowman

    Every Christmas flower and flower arrangements from Black Tulip Flowers for your loved ones can be customized by adding a gift of your choice like balloons, cakes, chocolates etc.

    Visit us online to know our full product range.

    Spread the festive mood to your friends and loved ones with our beautiful and adorable gifts!

    Black Tulip Flowers wishes its valuable clients and customers a Merry Christmas.

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  7. Unique Flower Decoration ideas for UAE National Day

    This year UAE celebrates its 49th National Day on, Wednesday the 2nd of December. The National day celebration marks the formation of the federation in 1971.

    National Day celebration in UAE

    The whole nation celebrates this day by decorations everywhere with lights and flowers. Flowers take a unique role in this decoration and people decorate the UAE flag with flowers in their homes.

    Celebrate this National Day with flowers from the best flower shop in UAE, the Black Tulip Flowers.

    National Day Gifts

    Flowers are not only the best gift for any special occasion or festivals they can also be the best fit to express your patriotism towards your country. Celebrate this UAE National Day by sending flowers to your friends, colleagues and loved ones.

    Black Tulip Flowers - one of the best online flower shop in UAE since 1990, it is easier for you to choose the best UAE National Day Flowers for your loved ones.

    Different ways to celebrate the National Day

    The entire country is geared up for the celebration of the National day after a long lockdown due to the pandemic and this unites the people of the country. Express your patriotism with Black Tulip Flowers, best UAE florist with different varieties of National day flowers.

    Celebrate the spirit of the union this National Day with our UAE National Day Collections and share your love and happiness with your loved ones safely.

    Flower Decorations

    As flowers take the most important part in the peace, unity and integrity of the nation, they are used most to celebrate and decorate any occasion. Black Tulip Flowers adheres to all the safety measures for the COVID-19 suggested by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) it is safe to send or buy flowers for decorations this occasion.

    National Day Flowers

    The significance of UAE Flag being love, peace and purity which is also represented by flowers, people decorate the UAE National Flag with flowers.

    Even in the global pandemic situation, it is easy for Flower delivery in Dubai with best flower shop in UAE, Black Tulip Flowers. Some of our unique flower decorations for this 49th National Day are:

    • UAE flower Map Inspired

    In honor of UAE National Day, the theme for this flower arrangement has been inspired by the UAE Map.

    o The height of the arrangement is approx. 1-meter x 1.3 meter

    o This includes 150 stems to 200 stems of Chrysanthemum white, Chrysanthemum green, Chrysanthemum white sprayed in black color, Chrysanthemum white sprayed in red color.

    o The arrangement can be customized with any gift of your choice like balloons, chocolates, etc.

    • Spray Painted Gypsophila’s with vase

    This Spray Painted Gypsophila’s in UAE flag theme will surely make your recipient happy.

    o It is a set of 3 – approx..3-4 bunch gypsophila

    o Vase size: H30cm x 10cm

    o The Vase can be customized with extra balloons or any other gift.

    • UAE National Day Flowers Set of 3 (flower ball)

    o The size of the balls are approx 10-15 cm diameter

    o The flowers used are - 1 bloom of Cymbidium Orchids White, 1 bloom of Cymbidium Orchids sprayed in red, 1 bloom of Cymbidium Orchids sprayed in black

    Black Tulip Flowers supports flower delivery in Dubai and guarantees safe and fresh flowers in UAE.

    Black Tulip Flowers takes this opportunity to wishes the Nation a Happy National Day!

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  8. How to Surprise your Loved One on Their Birthday?

    We all wish for a birthday gift that will make the occasion extra special for our loved one. Be it your family members, your friends, your love, or co-workers flowers make a great birthday gift for everyone. Flowers are the perfect way to tell someone just how much they mean to you, to Brighton special occasion, or convey a secret message using the language of flowers.

    At Black Tulip Flowers, we handpick the finest flowers across the farms and carefully arrange flowers in the most beautiful bouquets to make your special once day extra special. We Customised your birthday bouquets as per your request and create a beautiful hamper by a mix of exotic gourmet delight,boutique chocolates or stuffed toys or balloons. Its Mom's Birthday we are here to help you with beautiful carnations, rose and hydrangea bouquets or arrangement with chrysanthemums. Pink, White, orange are the cheerful and lively colors to enlighten her day.

    How could you say I love you to your lover on his/ her birthday without saying it? Send a flower bouquet with a red rose in it. Red Tulips, carnations, and Chrysanthemum beautiful design bouquet will add a pinch of romance in their day.

    Friends play an important part in our lives and add joy and colors in our life. Yellow roses are synonyms to friendship and joy. Make sure to add them to your friend's birthday bouquet. Sunflower, Bird of paradise, and chrysanthemum make ideal birthday bouquet for co-workers and teachers.

    We are here to help you with our excellent selection of most beautiful bouquets and arrangements to share joy and happiness for any occasion with same-day delivery.

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  9. Pleased to Announce our Black Tulip Flowers is Listed on

    Black Tulip Flowers, established in the year 1990 and reached this height with our love and passion towards fresh flowers. With the best support of our team and loyalty towards our clients has made us become the best and large florist in the Middle East.

    Black Tulip Flowers pleased to announce that we have listed on Click the badge below to take a look on their website and see what they write about us.

    UAE's Largest Online Wholesale Flower & Florist Supplies Shop

    Buy flowers wholesale, retail and florist supplies at trade prices in Dubai, UAE. We specialise in supplying flowers, bouquets, indoor plants, plant accessories, foliage varieties, roses, wedding and event flowers.

    Leading importer & exporter of fresh wholesale cut flowers and florist supplies to trade and public. We offer flower delivery service in Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE wide.

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  10. International Day of Happiness Flowers

    Happiness day, better known as International day of Happiness is celebrated on 20th March every year globally.

    Another name for happiness – yes it is Flowers. The sight of flowers makes everyone happy and are the best choice of gift for the International Day of happiness, especially the yellow colour.

    Black Tulip Flowers takes pleasure in helping its customers to celebrate the International Happiness Day by sending Happiness Day Flowers Dubaito their friends, family member or colleague.

    About the International day of Happiness

    When people all over the world started to realize that not only growing the economy makes the world better, but making everybody happy makes the world a better place to live.

    UN General Assembly, in the year 2011, passed a resolution that acknowledged Happiness as a fundamental human goal. This led to the first Happiness conference, a year later. In 2013, UN General Assembly, with the support of all 193 member countries declared the Happiness event would be held annually and March 20 would be celebrated as the International day of Happiness.

    Theme of International Happiness Day 2020

    The theme for this year is, - “Happiness for all, Together”, Happiness is always around when people are together.

    Happiness Flowers

    Even though any flower makes everyone happy, there are some flowers to make the International day of happiness more special and they are Red Roses, Tulips, lilies, Orchids and carnations.

    Happiness is all around us and in every small thing.

    With Black Tulip Flowers, it is easy to send International Happiness Day Flowers to your special ones online.

    Happiness Day Flower Gifts

    Try some of the unique International happiness day specials from Black Tulip Flowers, the best online florist UAE to spread happiness this International happiness day 2020:

    Joyful Hand Bouquet

    • This 20 stems of yellow spray roses uplifts the mood of the receiver and spreads happiness.

    Smiley Bouquet

    • Give the ultimate joy to your loved one this happiness day with a smiley bouquet.

    Yellow Tulips Time

    • The beauty of this is the 100 bright yellow tulips in a bunch will multifold the happiness and smile in the receiver’s face which can be cherished for a long time.

    Cheerful Tandem

    • This bouquet as the name says brings the cheers back when your loved one receives it.

    • The 30 stems of yellow tulips with 2 bunch of white Hydrangeas make a perfect combination to make your loved ones day brighter and happier.

    The International Day of Happiness comes with a theme every year and spreads the happiness all over the world. As the saying by Dr. Mark Williamson - “This International Day of Happiness is more than just a fun celebration, it also remind us all that the world is a better place when we connect with and care about the people around us”.

    We are surrounded by happiness in every small thing and we should take initiative to make the happiness contagious.

    Visit our full product rangeof Happiness Day Flowers online to choose from and send for your special one.

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