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Most Popular Christmas Flowers and their Meanings

Christmas will be here soon! Every region around the world celebrates Christmas in a different way, but the important part is its celebration with flowers and decorations on Christmas. During the Christmas season, we should spread love and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with our loved ones. Sending Christmas gifts online for your family and friends is a great way to express holy joy and happiness on your relations.

Celebrate the Christmas season with Flowers

Regardless of where you live, sending flowers to loved ones at Christmas is always a thoughtful gift. Also, the festivities at Christmas do not just end with gift giving but also include decorating the house, so why not add some colour to your home by using flowers? But before you buy or gift flowers for Christmas find out the most popular Christmas flowers and what they signify.


Christmas is right around the corner, it’s time to decorate your home for the holidays. You can’t go wrong with the red carnation as a symbol of love and admiration. If you’re hosting Christmas party at your home then, add red carnations flower centrepiece for your dinner table it will give more festive happiness for your guests. Please visit our website, Black Tulip Flowers to view our selection of stunning Christmas centrepieces and make your festive days more bright and joyful.

  • Floral Masterpiece
  • Artistic Centrepiece
  • Majestic Flower Box
  • Delicate Flower Arrangement

Red Roses

Red roses are well-known for their significance as symbols of love and romance across cultures for centuries. But have you ever known what red rose signifies on Christmas? Many people believe the red rose represents the deep love towards Christ during Christmas time. If you wish to give an unforgettable Christmas gift to your loved one, then send them a bouquet of red roses. Shop online for fabulous Christmas flowers that you can send anywhere in Dubai, simply log on to our online portal, Black Tulip Flowers.

  • Red Rose Wreath
  • Red Grandeur Roses
  • Long stem Red Roses
  • Red and White Wreath


As a traditional symbol of Mary, lilies are aesthetically pleasing and add a timeless look to your Christmas bouquet. There is also a pleasant fresh evergreen scent to it, which is why many people use lilies for Christmas gifts, Christmas flower arrangements and other decorations. Make your Christmas flowers even more memorable by including a personal note or message. Flowers are always a pleasant surprise then why not send one of our chosen Christmas flower arrangement collections to your dear ones as a Christmas gift? Visit our website for a wide selection of Christmas flower decorations that you can order, we, Black Tulip Flowers, have flower delivery anywhere in Dubai.

  • Treasured Pink Lilies
  • Astounding Lilies
  • Basket of Mix Flowers
  • Lily Bouquet Special


Orchids are one of the best Christmas gifts because they’re beautiful, easy to maintain, and have positive symbolic meanings. Symbolically, orchids represent beauty, perfection, love and luxury. Send Christmas flowers to your family and friends for a meaningful gift this year that stands out from the rest!

  • Nostalgic Bouquet
  • Love Language
  • White Appeal
  • Elegance of White


A holiday like Christmas brings families and friends together, so make sure that the moments you spend with loved ones are memorable. Regardless of what type of flowers you gift during the holidays, any of them will bring a festive touch and smile on your loved one’s face!

No matter what flowers you choose, we, Black Tulip Flowers wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas!

Christmas flower arrangements with red, white and green flowers bring a festive touch to any space. Flowers brighten any season, so we, Black Tulip Flowers will help you find the best flowers for this Christmas.

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