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Best Flowers to Give For International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day

Every one’s life in the earth revolves around a woman who may be a mother, wife, sister or daughter.

March 8th is a celebrated as International women’s day globally. International Women’s Day is declared holiday in many countries around the world.

It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements and the milestones.

Make your special women more special by sending Flowers on International Women’s Day.

Women’s Day colours

Purple, Gold and Green are the internationally recognized colour for the women’s day. Purple signifies royalty, luxury, power, dignity & peace, Gold for a new dawn and Green – hope and new life.

It is easy to send International Women’s Day flowers to Dubai online with BlackTulip Flowers from the various purple, pink and white roses and other flowers.

Women’s day Theme

To celebrate the achievements of women in various fields like politics, financial sector and social work.

Every year the women’s day is celebrated with a theme and the 2020 theme for Women’s Day is – I am Generation Equality – Realizing Women’s Rights.

The focal point for the celebration of International women’s day is equality for women in every aspect, and for the achievement of gender equality.

Show your respect and gratitude to the special women in your life by sending Flowers on International Women’s Day.

Importance of Women’s Day

The life of every man revolves around a woman who can be a mother, wife, daughter or sister. Without woman there is no life on earth.

Celebrate the womanhood around you on this special day by making them feel special with flowers.

• Make the special woman feel more special with the Purple Lisianthus bouquet.
• Bring the stun in your special woman’s face with Hand Bouquet of Stunning Pink Roses.

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Women’s Day Celebration

Even though there are many ways to celebrate the International Women’s day like events, dinner party etc., the best ever gift would be flowers that can be cherished for a long time.

• Give her the Golden Sprayed Roses to let her know how much they mean to your life.

Celebrate the women in your life by guiding them to go in their path, be a part of their success and cherish their achievements. Treat the girl child same way as the male child and see any discrepancies with them.

• The perfect gift would be a Wineberry Sunset (a Purple arrangement of Lilies & Lisianthus).

There are lot more choices of flowers for your special woman on International woman’s day with the best online florist in UAE.

Let us all support the woman around us by encouraging them to achieve their goal in their desired field and be a part of their success.

In this International Women’s Day let us support the gender equality and take it as a goal to achieve it at the earliest.

BlackTulip Flowers wishes everyone a Happy International Women’s Day.

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